Self Storage Fund IV Investment Summary


Three Reasons to Invest


28 Year Average Annual Returns of 18.83%

According to the NAREIT* the self storage asset class has achieved an average annual return of 18.83% over the past 28 years. Self Storage has outperformed Apartments (14.21%), Free Standing Retail (13.53%), Office (12.10%), and the S&P 500 (8.4%) over that same time period.


Downsize Protection

According to the NAREIT* in 2007-2009 Self Storage was down (-3.86%) versus Apartments (-6.72%), Retail (-12.32%), Office (-8.16%), and the S&P 500 (-21.10%). During 2020, the asset class outperformed all other asset classes except Data Centers. Self Storage was up 12.91% in 2020 despite the global pandemic.


Market Consolidation Opportunity

According to the 2021 Self Storage Almanac the public traded companies own less than 30% of the self storage market. There is a consolidation opportunity for Reliant to acquire facilities owned by mom-and-pop operators and generate revenue enhancements by deploying a professional management strategy.

How Has Self-Storage Performed During Economic Downturn?

Outperforming the broader REIT universe, the storage REIT index ended 2020 with total returns at 12.91% only outperformed by Data Centers at 21% (FTSE NAREIT)

The Storage REIT Index returns through 2021 are 79.43%

Storage Performed

4 “Ds” of self-storage demand playing out during COVID-19:





Low Maintenance

  • Little infrastructure to maintain
  • Low utility usage leading to reduced
    overhead expense


Reliant Real Estate Management
  • A commercial Self-Storage operator with offices in Roswell, GA founded in 2010
  • 17th largest self-storage operator in 2022*
  • Current portfolio of 79 properties, 48,000+ units, and a portfolio valuation of over $1,000,000,000+
    as of 2022
  • Experienced leadership team with over $1,000,000,000 in Self-Storage transactions in past 3 years
Track Record
  • Average gross project level returns on 38 properties sold are 33.8% IRR and 2.57 equity multiple
  • Average hold time on 38 properties sold is 3.6 years
  • Average project level annual ROI on equity is 48% per year
  • Average NOI growth over holding period is 34%
  • Average Exit Cap Rate is 5.15%




Invested Principal Lost


Estimated Portfolio Valuation

$1.2 Bn

Net Rentable Square Feet


Average Project Equity Multiple


Average Exit Cap Rate


Average Total Return on Investment Upon Sale


Average Annual Return on Investment Upon Sale


Average Project Internal Rate of Return


Average Investment Holding Period

3.62 yrs

Prior performance is not indicative of future results. Historical performance results presented herein were obtained during market, economic, and other conditions that may or may not be similar to that experienced by the Fund. Such results were also obtained in investments with structures, terms, and conditions that may be different than those of the Fund. It should not be assumed that investments made by the Fund will be profitable or will equal the performance of these investments.



Realized Returns

32% Annual ROI | 64% Total ROI
1.64 Equity Multiple | 1.96 Year Hold Period
Returns Based on Class C investor

Self-Storage Fund I, LLC

  • Launched: May 2019
  • Closed: March 2020
  • Projected Hold Period: 6 Years
  • Projected Returns:
    - 15% Annual Return
    - 90% Total ROI over 6 Years
    - 1.9X Equity Multiple After 6 Years
    - 11 Properties Closed in Fund I Portfolio

Self-Storage Fund II, LLC

  • Launched: April of 2020
  • Closed: October of 2021
  • Projected Hold Period: 6 Years
  • Projected Returns:
    - 12-15% Annual Return
    - 72-90% Total ROI over 6 Years
    - 1.72X-1.9X Equity Multiple After 6 Years
    - 11 Properties Closed in Fund II
Self-Storage Fund II

Current Performance

42% above NOI projections through June of 2022

Self-Storage Fund III

Current Performance

13% above NOI projections through June of 2022

Self-Storage Fund III, LLC

  • Launched: November 2021
  • Closed: September 2022
  • Projected Hold Period: 6 Years
  • Projected Returns:
    - 12-15% Annual Return
    - 72-90% Total ROI over 6 Years
    - 1.72X-1.9X Equity Multiple After 6 Years
    - 30 Properties Closed in Fund III Portfolio

Prior performance is not indicative of future results. Historical performance results presented herein were obtained during market, economic, and other conditions that may or may not be similar to that experienced by the Fund. Such results were also obtained in investments with structures, terms, and conditions that may be different than those of the Fund. It should not be assumed that investments made by the Fund will be profitable or will equal the performance of these investments.



An investment of $100,000 is projected to return $172,000 - $190,000 to investor, including return of initial investment of $100,000.


Expansion of Facilities

We will build out additional square footage/units at select properties where we believe the market demand exceeds market supply of storage. Our goal is to create additional Net Operating Income (NOI) growth by getting the new units leased up to stabilization. The additional NOI will increase the value of the building all other things being equal. Additional NOI is always the goal in our value-add strategy.

Revenue Enhancements

Ancillary income opportunities including U-Haul truck rentals, tenant insurance, late fees, etc. are identified for each property and implemented by our on-site operational team. Revenue growth is a primary focus of our operational team and constantly monitored by internal audits and market studies.



Frequently Asked Questions

When are distributions made to investors?
+ -

All distributions (and quarterly reports) are scheduled for 30-45 days after quarter end.

Do you accept qualified funds (Self- Directed IRA, 401K) as investments?
+ -

Yes, we have many investors who invest using qualified funds. If you need more information on how you can utilize these funds, let us know, and we can connect you with an industry expert to facilitate a rollover.

When does my 9% preferred return start to accumulate?
+ -

Your 9% preferred return starts to accumulate on the day your capital is deployed in a property closing. Our funding deadlines are set based on upcoming property closings.

Are there refinances projected in the fund returns?
+ -

There are no refinancing scenarios included in our projected returns. We will evaluate the potential of refinancing the properties once we reach stabilization. If we can refinance properties and receive proceeds, we would return that to investors first by returning the 9% preferred return and then 100% of the principal, or as much as proceeds allow.

When does RAI deliver their K-1 to investors?
+ -

Our accounting team schedules the delivery of the K-1 statements on or around March 15th.

Why is the annual cash-on-cash return only projected at 3-7%?
+ -

This is a value-add fund meaning we are investing in various ways to make significant improvements to the properties in the fund. Therefore, cash flow is projected to be modest throughout the hold period and a large portion of the projected overall return is realized through equity appreciation at the time of sale or re-finance. We project a total return of 72-90% based on a 6-year hold period.

Why are the projections much lower than historical returns?
+ -

We have been fortunate to have great success in the past, however, we want to make sure we maintain reasonable expectations and factor in the inherent risk of the investment. We stand by the saying, “Under promise and over deliver” and that is reflected in both our past performance and current projections.


Todd Allen

Managing Principal

Lewis Pollack

Managing Principal

Kris Benson

Chief Investment Officer

Paul Ragaini

Chief Financial Officer

Kolin Van Dyne

Director of Operation

Jamie Brooks

Construction Project Manager

John Cordova

Director of Aquisitions

Matthew Naioti

Director of Analysis

Matt Blackwel

Director of Investor Relations

At Reliant we believe a great performance starts with a great team. Our senior leadership team at Reliant has over 100 years of combined experience in the self storage industry. From acquisitions to operations we are focused on driving results. We believe our best partnerships are ones where we all win together. Our conservative approach
to underwriting and long term approach to wealth creation allow us to generate outsized returns for our investors.


Dave Zook

Founder and CEO

Dave is a successful Business owner, Syndicator and an Investment and Tax Strategist. Dave and his team at The Real Asset Investor have placed more than $800M across various asset classes which offer Cash Flow, Tax Impact and Equity Growth for investors. These asset classes include ATMs, Car Washes, Energy, Self-Storage and more.

He and his team are one of the Top 5 ATM Fund Operators in the country. Dave was an early investor in Bitcoin and Digital Assets, and he holds an advisory role at Off the Chain Capital, one of the top performing funds in the world for the last 5 years.

Dave is a sought-after speaker and has shared his knowledge across various media platforms such as The International Business Conference, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, Cashflow Ninja and others. Dave and his wife Susan along with their 4 children live in Lancaster, PA..

Dave Zook1
Jack Barry1

Jack Barry

Chief Operating Officer

Jack serves as Chief Operating Officer for The Real Asset Investor and has a strong background in financial analysis and real estate acquisitions.

Jack has worked for some of the nations top Self Storage acquisition firms and operators where he was mainly responsible for the valuation of potential acquisitions across the country. He has assisted in the acquisition of more than $450M in Self Storage properties.

At The Real Asset Investor, Jack oversees all day-to-day operations and works closely with the firm’s portfolio companies/operating partners.

Brett Van Gorden

Portfolio Manager

Brett serves as Portfolio Manager for The Real Asset Investor. He has merged his experience creating tailored solutions for clients in the marketing industry with his strong understanding of financial markets to help facilitate a seamless investing process. Brett is responsible for monitoring current investments within the portfolio and working with investors to ensure a positive investment experience.

Brett Van Gorden-1

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