Land and Timber Investment Opportunity!

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When taking a large piece of property like Fort Pierce and dividing it into smaller tracts to sell after the select timber harvest has been completed, it can be quite lucrative. We have done this quite a few times over the last few years and it has worked well.


What are the three most important things to remember when investing in Real Estate? Location, Location, and Location!


Being just a short 40-minute drive from Mobile, AL, one of the largest cities in Alabama, makes this a very attractive piece of property from a recreational perspective.


Our primary solar partner, who is active and under contract with us on several other properties, has given us a verbal agreement on a contract at Fort Pierce which they have said they would sign upon closing on the property.


Fort Pierce is unencumbered by conservation easement which is unusual for a property of its historic significance, giving us an opportunity for future tax benefits.


This is a beautiful property with lots of river front and strong short-term rental potential.


For more details on the property and to see the Investment Summary with our financial proforma Click Here.


This opportunity is only being sent to a limited number of investors and we expect it to be funded quickly.


If you are interested in investing in this property alongside us, please fill out the form Here and a member of our team will reach out to you with next steps.


We look forward to partnering with you.

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