Multi-Family Units

Our all star team in the multi-family space has provided our investors with strong cash flow and lots of appreciation.

As time passes, the real estate market naturally transitions and while it is important to know a good deal on a property when you see one and be able to act promptly, it is equally important to know when not to act and when to get off the field and sit on the sidelines.

Dave Zook, Founder and CEO of The Real Asset Investor has some insight on how his Company reacts to stay ahead of the curve and make smart decisions:

The Real Asset Investor is constantly looking for multi-family apartment deals, but the great deals have been much harder to find in the last year or two.

Because of our reputation in the Memphis market and the strength of our team we have been able to get into several great deals this year and we are positioning ourselves to acquire some more when opportunities are presented.

Being in the right place at the right time with cash is a good position to be in and The Real Asset Investor is content to sit and wait.

No. We are not scouring Loopnet and other commercial property sites but rather we like to get access to off market deals where our broker uncovers an opportunity that is brewing and we can get in there and get the deal done quickly.

Savvy investors know investment teams that specialize in a given space and lead the field are the ones who will attain their goals of investment returns based on their clear cut understanding of the game.

The Real Asset Investor team provides you with that resource. Want to learn more? Reach out to us at

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  1. Good morning, my name is Marcello. I am very interested in possibly investing with you and your team. I heard you on “The real estate guys” radio show. Please call me anytime.

    Thank you very much,
    Marcello Oliveri

  2. Listening to you right now on ‘The Real Estate Guys’ podcast. I grew up in Lebanon but currently reside in Bucks County. Im interested in investment opportunities in the Lehigh Valley. Please let me know how i can get further information with regards to working with your company. Thanks


  3. I am looking for cash flowing passive investment and am interested in possibly joining syndication
    Thank you,
    Gregory Harms
    818 398-4075

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