ATM Investment Opportunity

Real Asset investing you can count on for double-digit returns and it’s mostly tax-free.  What??

Yes it’s true. You could earn a ‘cha-ching’ every time someone uses a designated ATM machine. Robust up-trending ATM activity offers strong revenue streams to private investors. These hands-on machines offer the investor a hands-off passive income that is mostly tax free.

Would you like to enjoy predictable cash flow ~ backed by Real Assets?

While you have the benefit of direct ownership in your ATM machines, our fund blends the performance of many ATMs to remove volatility and provide stability. These machines are placed, operated, insured, and maintained by a trusted ATM management company. So investors take on ZERO liability for damaged or vandalized machines, which are replaced by the management company.

Tax Free ~ Are these two of your favorite words?

The bonus of machine ownership is that depending on your tax bracket roughly 75% of your cash flow for the first 5 years is completely tax free!!! You get to depreciate your whole investment in just 5 years.

ROI numbers you’ll love

Our team has been investing in the ATM space since 2011 and we have been delivering returns to our investors deep in the double digits ever since. With the ever increasing use of ATMs over the last decade, we expect that to continue. Investor Statements are available to you as well as a full Executive Summary upon request.

Access Granted

Utilize our team and our years of highly successful experience in this investment space to your advantage. There are a limited number of spots available only to Accredited Investors.

Stable Income Little Risk ~ Don’t You Love Predictability?

Think of it like this: Investing in ATM machines is like buying an existing company with a predictable and loyal customer base and consistent daily operations … except you get to literally sit back and do nothing while the cash comes in.

Here are just a few reasons why our ATM portfolio offers stable income with little risk:

  • Convenience. Cash users want a “branch-in-a-box” with the convenience of 24-7 cash source, rather than waiting in line at the bank.
  • High-population placement. The ATMs in this fund are located strategically in population-dense Tier 1 markets, like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
  • Cash is king. Targeted users who are slow adapters of new technology keep returning to ATMs as a convenient cash source. In fact ATM’s are the only source of banking for many users.


Give us a call or email us today. We have a great team waiting and ready to work with you.

This investment is available only to accredited investors.

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“You can be conventional or you can be wealthy. Pick One.” – Dave Zook

 Dave Zook - The Real Asset Investor


“ The ATM could be considered to be more important to banks and consumers than ever before…” says Michael Lee, CEO of the ATM Industry Association in the 2017 ATM Future Trends (ATM Marketplace)

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